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Yes, You Get Something For Nothing by Kimberly M. Chastain

How to take advantage of the Net's "FREE lunch" to promote your business.

The Internet is growing like crazy. People all over the world are making email and web surfing an essential daily activity. Millions are quickly coming to understand the Net is their source of gobs of free information and opportunity.

Remember when we were kids and grownups told us there was no free lunch? The Internet has changed that. The Net thrives on free things. The business world is having to learn the age old truth that if you give something away, something good will come back to you.

Two of the most effective ways to promote your business are on the web and both are FREE!

1. Give something away. It is hard if not impossible to get lots of visitors unless you have no-cost goodies for them.

Attract crowds with a collection of your own free articles on topics that interest your most important prospective customers. If you don't like to write, create a collection of articles written by other people. Pick articles free from a wide collection at

Even better, offer your articles in a free e-book. Visitors can download your e-book to read your articles whenever they want. They can also attach your e-book file and email it to an unlimited number of friends and business associates.

Be sure to tastefully promote your business, website, and products and services on every page.

2. Promote your business online with FREE promotional tools. If you are short on time, you canit beat the free ads at and on AOL (get their free 100 hours at

Use the free posting program at to speed up the job.

Keep in mind that most people reading free ad sites are promoting small businesses themselves. You will get best results selling business supplies, how-to materials, and business services.

Another of the Net's most powerful advertising tools is also free. Search engines don't charge anything to carry your registration and they can send thousands of visitors each week to your site.

Learn how to tailor your web pages for search engines with the handy tutorial at Click the "add URL" link to find it.

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn about doing business on the Internet is that offering and using "free lunches" is almost essential to doing business. Greed may work in other kinds of business, but the Net requires everyone to show a generous side. In the end, that makes things easier for all of us.

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