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Bargain Books

Our Bargain Books section contains our unique collection of publishers' overstocks, reprints, imports, and special values with extraordinary savings -- up to 90% off! Our selection ranges from beautifully illustrated art and coffee-table books to college and reference guides to classic books for young readers. You will also find many titles published exclusively by Barnes & Noble Books. Important note: Bargain books, particularly publishers' overstocks and imports, are often available in limited quantities and sell out quickly. click here to continue to Bargain Books

New York Times

Featured here are selections from The New York Times Book Review as well as The New York Times Bestseller lists and Writers' Series. click here to continue to New York Times Books

All NYT Bestsellers Now 50% Off!

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This group is for most anything to do with books in Israel. Books for sale, books wanted, book clubs, swaps, discussions, etc.

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