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Hardware & Software Reviews

*   ReviewBooth   catalogs published hardware reviews and software reviews. Their hardware reviews section covers audio, desktop systems, product guides, handhelds / PDAs, laptops / Notebooks, mainboards, modems, monitors, peripherals, digital cameras, video cards, scanners, servers, storage devices, and miscellaneous hardware. Their software reviews section covers data warehouse, database, enterprise management, graphics, networking, office / productivity, programming, web development & management, Web miscellaneous, and miscellaneous software.

*   AnandTech   is another site with lots of reviews.

FAQs & other information sources

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

*   Help-Site Computer Manuals   Help-Site contains links to hundreds of computer related documents

*   Motherboards   Most motherboards have unique identifying numbers for their bios that appear at the bottom of the initial boot screen. Try this site . You'll find an explanation of how to identify motherboards. There is also a utility that will help you id your motherboard. Click on the "bios numbers" link.

*   The Netscape Unofficial FAQ   FAQs for all versions of Netscape Navigator

*   Webopedia : "The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology." This is the site that I personally use when I need to understand a computer term or concept.

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*   Among the free tutorials available at are Excel 97-Spreadsheet Basics, Word 98/Word 97-Tips & Tricks, Windows 95 for Mac Users, Microsoft Word 97 and Powerpoint 97.

*   Seagate offers a number of free tutorials concerning hard disks.

ATA/IDE Storage Guide
BIOS Limitations
Disc FAQs and Technical Tips
Overcoming the 8.4 Gbyte barrier!
SCSI Storage Guide
Storage Glossary


*   DriversHQ   Drivers HeadQuarters provides links to hardware and software manufactures' Web sites

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