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The Directory of
Computer Hardware

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Computer Hardware Products:
Links to Manufacturers, Prices in Israel and more

Cases Modems Printers: Ink Jet
CPUs Monitors: CRT Printers: Laser
Digital & Web Cameras Monitors: LCD Printers: Multi-Function
Gaming Devices Motherboards Scanners
Graphics Cards Mouse Sound Cards
Hard Disks Network Adaptors Speakers
Hard Disks - SCSI Network Hubs & Routers Storage Devices
Keyboards Network Switches TV Cards
Media Optical Drives  
Memory Printers: Dot Matrix Special Offers

Tutorials & Other Information Sources

ATA/IDE Storage Guide

BIOS Limitations of Hard Disks

Disc FAQs and Technical Tips

Networking Basics: Simple Solutions for Small Networks   (in pdf format)

Overcoming the 8.4 Gbyte barrier!

RDRAM Memory Technology and the IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 Processor   (in pdf format)

SCSI Storage Guide

Shuttle Roadmap: Motherboard Products & VGA Products   (in pdf format)

Storage Glossary

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